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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Dan Wilcox Open Mic Commentary Round-Up

Dan Wilcox Welcome back to the Dan Wilcox Open Mic Commentary Round-Up.  This week we have Dan's comments on Shaun Baxter's open mic at the Night Sky Cafe and a special report from Miss Mona about the Allen Fisher reading at the UAG.

Allen Fisher Reading at UAG Gallery, October 12

I asked my old friend, Miss Mona, to cover this event for me while I was in Philadelphia. Miss Mona used to comment on the gossip scene in Albany years back & has just been growing old since.

Zounds!, October 17

The monthly open mic at the NightSky Cafe on Union St. in Schenectady, with our host Shaun Baxter. I note that Shaun seems to have responded to fact that he is not the shortest open mic host by producing the smallest open mic flyer, just over 3x4 inches. He started us off with Raymond Carver's "Where Water Comes Together with Other Water", then challenged us to parody William Carlos Williams' "This is just to say...", you know, the plums-in-the-fridg poem.

Be sure to check out Dan's blog for more on the poetry scene here in Albany.  Dan also has a post about a recent visit from Charlie Rossiter (of the Three Guys from Albany).

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